How to Pack

Dismantling and packing your bike box can be a bit daunting especially if it’s your first time.  As long as you give yourself time and space it’s a straight forward exercise.  Watch the video and just remember to make sure everything is tightly secured and that you use plenty of padding/bubblewrap.

It’s a good idea to clean your chain and cassette before you start this exercise otherwise there is the potential to make a quite a mess both during packing and unpacking.  Unpacking and rebuilding your bike, in what maybe the confined space of a hotel room, with a greasy chain could leave you very unpopular with the hotel staff.

One of the great things about Bike Box Alan is that you can pack in a lot more than just your bike.  As a triathlete I include a pump, helmet, cycle and running shoes, tools, wetsuit, nutrition and anything else that fits.

Easyjet have a 35Kg limit on the overall weight of a bike box, so if you have a light bike, that’s a lot of extras you can pack in.  The rest of your gear should be able to fit into a bag you can carry onboard saving you the cost of additional checked in baggage.

Once packed Bike Box Alan should fit into most hatchbacks.  This is a photo of one of my boxes in my Renault Clio, so if you have a car of similar size or bigger you’re all set.