An introduction

Your very own local history

Arty Fax is a history project for schools that focuses on local heritage sites. At the end of the project, a phone-based game is produced which can be played at the site. There are five stages to the project which can each be a week long, or the whole project may take place over a term. In order to see how this works, we suggest that you go to the sliders at the top of the page to see the 5 stages - you can use the link on each picture to see an example that we produced for one of our local sites, Bramber Castle, in West Sussex. We will provide information packs to get the project started (who remembers Jackdaw packs?) for almost any heritage site and are particularly looking at English Heritage free sites.

Learning outcomes

  • How to conduct research
  • Discovering local history
  • Telling a story and using storyboards
  • Making simple videos
  • How to make a good model - or using Minecraft to make a model, or using a CAD package e.g. Tinkercad to create it
  • What makes a good game

Meet the Team

This is where we say nice things about the skills of the team